Our Community Stage offers opportunities for local talent to express themselves artistically.

Professionally managed, with sound and lighting systems it is open to performers from the Oldham area.

If you think you've got what it takes to perform, then you could consider applying. Here are some general rules:

- We do not pay for acts.

- We will consider the time you have requested on your application form. However, if there are a lot of applications, we may ask you to cut your time. But, if thats the case, we'll speak to you well before the day, so you can re-organise your set.

- If you use backing music, you must supply it to us before the event, in an appropriate format for playback.

Securing your stage slot

Our final stage listings will be published on June 5th - a month before the event. We will let you know if your application has been successful, by the end of May.

If there are many applications we may have to reject some. Once again, you will be informed either way. But we will try to fit everyone in.

Please note. You must be willing to perform on a voluntary basis. As a voluntary organisation we have had to raise the money to pay for the stage, sound and lights.


We only provide the stage, sound, lights and Mics.

What next?

Complete the form on this page, giving us as much detail as possible. Or ring us on 07896 670 697 if you need to speak to us.


Please complete the form below if
you wish to apply to perform on the Oldham Carnival Community stage on Saturday, Sept 19th 2020.
You're performance must be geared towards a family audience.

Main Contact Name

Perfomance Name

Do you represent a community, youth or theatre group (we prioritise these groups). Please state which or none.

E-Mail Address

Telephone Number

What do you want to perform on our stage - dance, theatre, song etc?

How long would you like to perform?

How many people are part of your performance?

Please tell us of any particular requirements and also any
specific aspects of your performance
we should know