Community and Charity Stalls at the Festival

Oldham Carnival has supported our local charity organisations and voluntary community groups, who form the social fabric of our local life. They're the main focus and reason for our event.

We offer some great opportunities for such groups to recruit members, increase awareness of their causes and raise funds at the festival.

We will be offering a set number of spaces to give groups the chance to put up a stall and make the best of carnival day. These will be free to non-profit organisations.

Places will be limited, however, so get you're form in as soon as possible.

Stalls will be located on Parliament Square, along High Street and Curzon Street.

If you have any queries and wish to speak to someone, then
please ring 0161 284 3826.


Please complete the form below if
you wish to bring your stall to Oldham Carnival on Saturday, June 23rd 2018. Please note, we only provide space,
not the stall itself.

Main Contact Name

Organisation Name

E-Mail Address

Telephone Number

Approximately, how much space wil you require for your stall?

Any other comments